Our Products

Want to discover more Welsh specialties? Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our marvellous original products - laverbread, cockles and mussels. We are also about to launch our very own seaweed salt shakers, so you can sprinkle the seaweed goodness on whatever you please.. stay tuned.


A Welsh delicacy, laverbread was traditionally eaten for breakfast and we believe it’s still the perfect way to start the day! Originally given to miners of South Wales to help boost their insufficient vitamin and mineral levels from working long hours underground. Seaweed offered a cost-effective and powerful medicine as it contains vitamins B, B2, A and C and is rich in minerals.

Once gathered, we wash our seaweed in Welsh spring water several times to get rid of any nastiness. The only ingredient we add is a little salt to bring out the wonderful flavour before cooking it for several hours to produce a dark, spinach-like product known to us as laverbread. It really is that easy, why complicate something so beautifully simple?


Cockles have been gathered on the muddy flats of the Burry Estuary since Roman times and were once the main industry of our small village. We feel pretty lucky to be one of the few remaining business who hold the Sea Fisheries Licence to gather cockles commercially from the estuary.

We still use the traditional rake and riddle method. It’s hard work, but makes for the best cockles. We painstakingly wash and cook each and every one, before carefully removing their shells to unveil the perfectly cooked cockle. While we still like to use traditional methods, we now have a smart machine that removes the shells for us, which saves a whole lot of time!


Our Mussels are hand selected and gathered on our Burry Estuary ensuring they have sleek, shiny shells and tender, nutritious flesh, We depurate (clean and purify) each tasty catch to produce, as Selwyn would say, ‘Dim ond y gorau’ ‘Only the best’, Welsh mussels.