The wonders of seaweed

Crammed with all sorts of good stuff from vitamins to omega 3, there really is so much goodness in every mouthful. Seaweed has adapted to some of the most diverse and uninhabited climates in the world, leading it to develop unique properties that just so happen to be really great for us.

  • Vitamins and minerals

    Grown in unfarmed nutritionally rich environments seaweed has a higher number of vitamins and minerals than any other food group, especially land vegetables grown in nutrient poor soil.

  • High in calcium

    It might seem hard to believe but seaweed actually contains up to ten times more calcium than milk and eight times as much as beef.

  • High in fibre

    Seaweed strengthens gut and promotes friendly bacteria making it great for our digestive health. It even expands by 25% in our tummies, so we magically feel full even after a small amount.

  • High in protein

    An increasingly popular protein substitute, Seaweed has high levels of protein helping us grow big and strong. Most recently it has been added to nutritionally bland foods to boost the protein factor and taste.

  • A natural salt substitute

    Naturally salty in taste, seaweed acts as a great substitute for regular salt. We’ve even started selling our seaweed in salt shakers, so you can sprinkle the goodness on whatever you please!

  • Natural source of iodine

    Our bodies can’t make iodine, but seaweed is packed with the stuff which is just as well as it is really important for a healthy nervous system and brain.

You must be thinking this is all too good to be true, but it really is! Have a look at what other people are saying about the wonders of seaweed below: